Revulsion, 'this or that able to modify something'; 'that which produces a deep and speedy reaction'. This is the title LA PEGATINA has appropriately chosen to christen their fifth album. The term defines exactly what happens when the group goes on stage: their festive music and energy make a total connection with the audience from the start, turning the venues they perform upside down wherever they go. Marc Parrot has again been their producer and has led the seven samurais, masters of the frenetic pace, to fill halls and festivals throughout Europe. LA PEGATINA is considered the most international Catalan group of today. The trajectory of the group, always upward, has taken them to four continents and brings them ever closer to the figure of a thousand concerts. And all this thanks to their live performance, a show with adrenaline that is one hundred percent danceable and difficult to forget.


genre: Fusió
Adrià Salas: voice
Axel Magnani: trumpet
Ferran Ibáñez: bass
Ovidi Díaz: percusion
Romain Renard: accordion
Ruben Sierra: guitar
Sergi López: drum 


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