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DOM LA NENA / Cancel·lat / Cancelado / Cancelled

The Brazilian vocalist and violoncellist DOM LA NENA is presenting her début album, Ela (Six Degrees Records, 2013), a collection of thirteen incredibly intricate and intimate original compositions, sung in Portuguese and Spanish. The song "No meu pais" describes the experience of growing up in several countries without roots. DOM LA NENA has lived in France and Argentina, and is accompanied by cello artists like Jane Birkin, Jeanne Moreau, Camile and Etienne Daho. In Piers Faccini she found the perfect producer who has pushed her to write her first songs and record them on this new album.


name: DOM LA NENA / Cancel·lat / Cancelado / Cancelled
genre: Brazilian song

Dom La Nena: veu i violoncel


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