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When we try and compare the music of OCELLOT with that of other bands, we need to look beyond our borders to do so with any criteria, and then we realize we are facing a truly innovative and risky work. Despite this, Molsa molsa (Discos la Gàbia / Famèlic, 2013) is a charming album, where the word experiment serves not to distance the audience, but to make them dance, gradually approaching, until everyone ends up penetrating their music. It is the coming-out of this psychedelic group that has managed to conquer both the interest of specialised critics and the public at large with a unique EP.


genre: Pop, psychedelia
Marc Fernández: veu, guitarra, sintetitzadors
Elaine Phelan: sintetitzadors, veus, instrumentació
Ignasi Reixac: baix
Moritz Drung: percussió
Joan Planas: bateria


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