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The sound of the txalaparta of OREKA TX has been travelling the world since 1997. They have been able to take the instrument from rural to urban surroundings without it ever losing its true nature and today they are showing a traditional and innovative txalaparta, at the same time, renewed and strong, ancient and modern, which plays with materials like stone and wood. Silex (Txalap.Art Produkzioak, 2013), their new album and live performance follow the path begun in Quercus Endorphina (Elkarlanean 2001) and Nömadak Tx (Txalap.Art, 2006) and gives the txalaparta its own and varied sound. Silex displays a txalaparta concert brought to a welcoming and unique atmosphere.


name: OREKA TX
genre: Basque folk
Harkaitz Martinez de San Vicente i Mikel Ugarte: txalaparta de pedra, txalaparta de fusta i bidó
Mixel Ducau: alboka, clarinet de bambú, saxofon
Iñigo Egia: bodhran, tabla índia, hang, caixó, serra, tar
Juanjo Otxandorena: buzuqui


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