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THE PENGUINS Reggae per xics

With a view to continuing having fun dancing and singing with the family audience, THE PENGUINS have gone from presenting Recepta del Reggae to inviting people to join the Tren del Reggae train. The locomotive will take us on a journey that presents us different musical rhythms from the island of Jamaica, with a new repertoire of ska rhythm (“Pere Gallerí”), reggae (“La mosca”), calypso (“El poll i la puça”) o rhythm'n'blues (“Gripau Blau”). It is a revamped show with a new repertoire and props, but the same ten musicians on stage with the same idea: to bring Jamaican music to the youngest in the house, and at the same time recover popular and traditional themes from Catalonia.


name: THE PENGUINS Reggae per xics
genre: Reggae, ska, infantile, familiar
Xavier Haro: bateria 
Robert Valls: baix elèctric 
Bernat Romagosa: guitarra elèctrica 
Sergi Beltran: teclats 
Eduard Polls: saxo tenor 
Francesc Polls: saxo baríton 
Genís Navarro: trompeta 
Albert Carrera: flauta travessera 
Axel Domingo: veu 
Francesc Puiggròs: veu i trombó 


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