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Chekara will present their second album in Vic, Tan cerca, tan lejos (Música es Amor, 2014), dedicated to the singer-songwriter Enrique Morente. Behind the stage name CHEKARA is Jalal Chekara, who has been working with this group of Flemish and Moroccan musicians since their first album, La Chekara y el flamenco 1ª parte (Música es Amor, 2008). The new Tan cerca, tan lejos is a work steeped in flamenco and Andalusian music, which with talent and instinct has managed to dilute the differences and accentuate the similarities, in a strange miracle we call tradition, evolution and respect. With collaborations on the album from Estrella Morente ("Seguiriya del alma") and Enrique Morente himself ("In Memoriam", taken from his last live concert with the Ensemble Chekara Andalusina de Tetuan in Seville in May 2010).


genre: Andalusian Flamenco
Jalal Chekara: veu àrab i violí
Vicente Gelo: veu flamenca i caixó
Tino Vandersman: guitarra
Mari Ángeles Gabaldón: bailaora 
Mustafa: llaüt
Youssef Chair: darbuca


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