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CELESTE canta Antonio Machín

Antonio Machin forms part of the sound memory of this country. His songs and boleros sketch us all a smile, the result of a collective will based on the post war radio and all that we have assembled to make a common pool that few have dared approach and rebuild. It is from this respect and admiration towards Machín and the such vivid memories of difficult years that a music group decided to give form to a concert that will stir the sound of our souls. From the most profound sound of boleros, with musical work of the highest quality and electronic play of sound, JAZZ MACHÍN convert their live performance into an emotional, surprising and unique experience.


name: CELESTE canta Antonio Machín
genre: Jazz, song
Celeste Alías: veu i maraques 
Santi Careta: guitarra i loops, banjo i mandolina 
David Soler: guitarra elèctrica i pedal steel 
Oriol Roca: bateria 


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