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The band from Constantí (Tarragona) finally lands in the Mercat de la Música Viva de Vic, and does so with the euphoria that returning to play in the main square means to them. ELS PETS are back again, on form, in what will be the penultimate concert of the tour L’àrea petita, named after their latest album. They have done over fifty live performances since they started it with the vitality, commitment and tenderness that have made them the leading group for more than a generation, and a point of reference in pop music line-ups in Catalonia. You know ELS PETS are back to keep you company, to put the soundtrack to what is happening to you, as they have always done. It is a concert you cannot miss.


name: ELS PETS
genre: Pop-rock
Lluís Gavaldà: veu i guitarra
Joan Reig: bateria i veus
Falin Cáceres: baix 
Joan Pau Chaves: teclats i veus
David Muñoz "Gnaposs": guitarra


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