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Rarely has a name of a group been as well chosen as that of BRUUT (ROUUGH)! The four components resemble the gangsters of the film Reservoir Dogs, and musically they are equally unforgiving. The classic combination of sax and Hammond organ mixed with a considerable dose of super jazz and winks to genres like boogaloo, rhythm'n'blues and surfing. BRUUT! is one of the most original and energetic jazz bands that exist currently. Since 2012 they have visited every continent, with concerts in Japan, Poland, Burkina Faso, Germany, South Africa, Spain and Surinam, and festivals like North Sea Jazz in Rotterdam (Netherlands) and the Tokyo Jazz Festival (Japan).


name: BRUUT!
genre: Superjazz
Folkert Oosterbeek: orgue Hammond
Maarten Hogenhuis: saxo
Felix Schlarmann: bateria
Thomas Rolff: baix 


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