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Bringing together two forms of composition, poetry writing and music writing, and transferring them to the realm of orality, CANVIS VELLS explores literary authors such as José Agustín Goytisolo, Robert Frost, Joan Vinyoli, César Vallejo or Joan Brossa and makes them his musical reading, creating songs where the words have the same weight as the notes, and where the verses free themselves from script to return to their oral condition. The musicians involved in the quintet, which started this project in 2011, form a choir in which each voice participates in the poem. The result is a precious, yet raw and rough repertoire: aspects present in the musical traditions that inspire the compositions of CANVIS VELLS evoking names like Béla Bartók and Kurt Weill.


genre: Contemporània, cabaret

Angélica Sánchez: veu
Maya Fernández: flauta
Pau Badia: clarinet
Miquel Ferrés: baix
Antoni Martí: piano i composició


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