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Powerful electronic rhythms on which the ever committed lyrics and energetic dance of the voices of the DREMEN MCs fit with clinical perfection. Final Boss is their long awaited album, and it will surely exceed the expectations of an audience hungry for musical climaxes. In this new work, the producer 1101vs13 has added nuances that move from one style to another, and all between melodic winks at the first videogame; a jumble of electronic beats that makes it very difficult to frame in a single music genre. Final Boss is a firm wager for the themes of collective participation, where each of the MCs finds their space to build a 'whole' in the form of a song.


name: DREMEN
genre: Rap, electrònica

Antonio Sánchez ‘Tony Karate’: DJ
Roy Miranda ‘Roy Mercurio’: veus
Carlos Alberto Sanz ‘Kelo’: veus
Adolphe Tawamba ‘Tawas’: veus
Manuel Valle ‘Bman Zerowan’: veus
Oscar Antonio Martín ‘Bitxo Ma’: veus
Guillermo Alvarez ‘Tosko’: veus


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