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The GOSSOS new album and the tour Batecs, emanate from a discourse, identity and genuine way of doing things which they have kept up all through their twenty year career and their eleven studio albums. Live, they seek close and easy complicity with the audience, without sacrificing an artistic concept of live music entertainment that connects impeccably and professionally with several generations, a fact sustained throughout their career. This tour is designed for a variety of programmes and programmers and variable spaces and infrastructures in Catalonia and everywhere: theatres, auditoriums, multipurpose spaces, halls, squares...


name: GOSSOS
genre: Pop-rock

Santi Serratosa: bateria
Roger Farré: baix i veu
Natxo Tarrés: guitarra i veu
Juanjo Muñoz: guitarra i veu
Oriol Farré: guitarra i veu


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