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STANDSTILL's new show is called Cénit. After the great reception from public and critics of their previous show, Rooom, the new live performance has already been demanded by the country's major festivals. And for the first time STANDSTILL has prepared a thorough and impressive staging not only for theatres and auditoriums, but also for venues and festivals, enhancing their spectacular and healing vocation. It is a kind of ritual for collective celebration, full of percussion, vocals and spiritual imagination. Basically, what their new album Dentro de la luz is, is an ode to love and to a simple and straightforward life.


genre: Songwriter

Enric Montefusco: veu, guitarra
Piti Elvira: guitarra, percussions
Ricky Lavado: percussions
Ricky Falkner: teclats, veu
Victor Valiente: teclats, veu, campanes


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