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Ten years and two records –Raval ta Joie (2003) and Vorágine (2007)– have gone by, and 08001 and has returned with a new one, No Pain No Gain. The project has been completely renewed but has kept the idea; as the poet said, you make your path as you walk. Songs with pop structure sung by black voices, dense but not intricate rhythms, dub beat, funk evanescence... In short, profound black music. No Pain No Gain is not an accidental title; it is an album of dark times and bright hopes that have taken the form of song with the structure of pop. It is an urban record, a bridge between two cities living the depression of a time when only money speaks; a wounded and spiritual record, a reflection of our times, of misery and hope, the new beat of Barcelona.


name: 08001
genre: Pop-rock, electrònica

Mariano Steimberg: bateria
Javi Martin: baix
Kim Fanlo: guitarra
Carlos Sarduy: teclats i trompeta
Ghetto Priest: veu
Nikol Kollars: veu
Julian Urigoitia: màquines


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