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REFREE is the cult project of Raül Fernandez, one of the most renowned producers in Spain. Among his collaborations are artists like Kiko Veneno, La Mala Rodríguez, Christina Rosenvinge and Silvia Pérez Cruz. In recent months he has worked with Lee Ranaldo in sessions recorded in Barcelona which will be published next October. From within REFREE he freely expresses his composing restlessness. With five albums, each significantly different (from orchestrated Mediterranean pop to free jazz), the Barcelonan has developed a great career and has become one of the cult artists most highly rated by the specialized public. His new album, Nova creu alta covers very eclectic terrain, from the most lysergic psychedelia to the most rocking of riffs. Disparate influences and baroque arrangements flood the record, always with a foot in the rock of the late 60s and early 70s but brought up to date. The album is closely linked to the moment the country is living; the aggressiveness of the sound and the forcefulness of the lyrics lay bare the evils of a society in complete decay.


name: REFREE
genre: Rock

Raül Fernandez: veu i guitarra
Nicolau Roig: guitarra i veus
Miquel Sospedra: baix i veus
Xavi Lloses: sintetitzadors
Oriol Roca: bateria


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