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The new album and live performance of MACACO, El murmullo del fuego is brilliant, lively, positive and danceable. They begin with the vocals of José Saramago, which encourages the character and marks the path of the song, through rhythmic and stimulating global music, that injects a dose of joy in shadowy times. The songs are committed to what is natural, simple, artisanal, always with this ability to compose choruses that stick in “hymnotic” themes (from hymns) of strong ethno-musical roots with reggae and his descendants as a main source of inspiration.


name: MACACO
genre: Reggae

Daniel Carbonell ‘Macaco’: veu
Jules Bikôkô: baix
Didak Fernández: bateria
Miguel Ramírez: guitarra
Karl Thomas Rundqvist: guitarra
Oscar Domínguez: teclats i percussió


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