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Bestiari was born from the CABOSANROQUE’s frustration with the continuous postponement of a dream trailing them for years, a concert with an orchestra of real animals: dogs, cats, parrots and monkeys wailing and playing piano with Thelonious Monk or Cecil Taylor. Tired of despair, the group decided to build their own orchestra of mechanical animals with music skills, retrieved from the assembly of everyday objects such as typewriters, printers or irons. Mechanical animals with their own life, able to articulate musical discourse and an ambiguous dialogue between the concept of machine and animal violence conveyed through texts of medieval bestiary. Bestiari is, then, the free scenic interpretation of CABOSANROQUE made from bestiary texts of different periods and cultures, using the concept of concealment and revelation of early Christianity itself.


genre: Instrumental

Laia Torrets
Roger Aixut
Pepe Segui
Mònica López: veu en off


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