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We are guys, but we could be girls. We are from our town Osona, but we are open to being from yours when you want. Needless to say our people are your people. We are good people. We like peaches. "One day I don’t know how" we made an album with this same name with ten songs speaking of life. Reggae in the pan is our favorite dish, but we also like potatoes with ham. We are our songs, we are the people who listen to and live them. We are what you think we are, we can be much, we can be little, and we can be nothing.


genre: Casserole reggae

Josep Montero: veu i guitarra
Miquel Biernés: trombó
Miquel Rojo: trompeta
Josep Valldeneu: saxo
Joan Borràs: teclat
Guillem Realp: baix
Arnau Altimir: bateria


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