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The real and authentic mixed blood from Barcelona who transcend borders have a name: CHE SUDAKA, the Catalan group who most play abroad. Their concerts are a guaranteed success thanks to their own spontaneity and the rogue nature characteristic of punk bands; their sound has a mestizo air marked by Spanish guitars mixed with cumbia rhythms. At the same time they are compromised with their lyrics, spitting out flat and variable rhythms, basic feelings like a way of life, direct criticism or cynical parallelisms. With their first live album, 1111 Lives (Cavernicola Records, 2013), CHE SUDAKA celebrate eleven years of tour that have taken them to 33 countries to play. Their sixth studio album will be released in early 2014.


genre: Fusion cúmbia punk

Leo: veu i guitarra espanyola
Kachafaz: veu
Cheko: acordió, teclats i veus
Jota: guitarra i veus


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