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KEJALEO is here to stay. The talent and magic of percussionist Xavi Turull and guitarists Diego Cortés and Cristo Fontecilla have come together to form this band. The result is an outpouring of passion, colour and texture that makes flamenco itself go red; unabashed and without doubting, they cross the threshold of shame to give rise to virtuous telluric rhythms and melodies that emerge from the gut. Sensitivity and fury go hand in hand, and the legacy of legendary groups like Ojos de Brujo, Amalgama, Iberia or Jaleo can be breathed. A work that without Roger Blavia, Jordi Franco and Rosalia Vila would not be possible. Buy tickets.


genre: Flamenco / jazz / fusión
Diego Cortés guitarra espanyola 
Xavi Turull percussió 
Cristo Fontecilla guitarra elèctrica 
Roger Blavia bateria 
Rosalia Vila veu
Jordi Franco baix



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