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ESNE BELTZA is a cocktail of colours. It is impossible to place their sound in a particular sphere. When it comes to expressing their kind of music, any style stands incomplete: all the influence of styles like hip-hop, reggae, soul, rock, folk or cumbia has been crafted from each personal experience lived, representing a postcard of each country they have stepped on as musicians.


genre: Hip-hop, reggae, soul, rock, folk, cúmbia
Xabi Solano veu i trikitixa
Sergio Ordóñez ‘Patxuko’ veu i güiro porto-riqueny
Jon Mari Beasain guitarra i pandero
Aitor Zabaleta baix
Pello Gorrotxategi teclats i veus
DZ ‘Dj Zigor’ DJ
Iban Zugarramundi bateria
Haritz Lonbide trompeta
Jon Elizalde trombó



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