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Formed in March 1999 with the aim of contributing the colour of music from Argentina to contemporary jazz. In their twelve year career this sextet has travelled more than twenty countries and has released seven albums. In 2011 and to mark the birthday of Astor Piazzolla, they released their latest production; Piazzolla plays Piazzolla, by way of tribute with risky arrangements and the characteristic sound of ESCALANDRUM. This year, the twenty year celebration since the death of Piazzolla, they are travelling the world with their new material. Buy tickets.


genre: jazz
Daniel 'Pipi' Piazzolla bateria
Gustavo Musso saxos alt i soprano
Damián Fogiel saxo tenor
Mario Sivori contrabaix
Nicolás Guerschberg piano
Martín Pantyrer saxo baríton i clarinet baix
Raynald Colom trompeta



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