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Those of us who knew MARIA RODÉS both for her work together with Andy Poole with Oníric (Sin técnica, published by Cydonia in 2009) and for her evocative solo début, Una forma de hablar (BCore, 2010), waited in expectation for the next move of this extremely personal artist, one with no visible reference to compare her to. She herself admits Sueño triangular (BCore, 2012) was an arduous job of elaboration, very hard to carry out, both in its creative and operational aspects. Her main challenge was to make it even more personal and risky, and move within greater coordinates of freedom. Buy tickets.


genre: Folk, pop, experimental
Maria Rodés guitarra acústica i veus
Guillem Caballero teclats i veus
Maria Di Pace arpa, guitalele, guitarra espanyola i veus
Jordi Turrents bateria i percussions
Jordi Casadesús guitarra elèctrica
Miguel Serna baix



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