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MAGIC is a group from Bogotá that generates their own sound, full of energy and wrapped in poetic lyrics. Their first album, Reflejo, brings sound inspired by Colombian folklore with marked elements of rock, pop, electronic music and world sounds. Traditional instruments like the marimba de chonta, guasás, drums and the tiple interact live with a base closer to rock and pop, and give life to the distinctive sound of the group. With their second single, "Coja lo puro" they reached number one of the Top 20 in Radio Nacional de Colombia in May 2011. 


name: MÁGICA
genre: Alternative
Janni Benavides veu, marimba i guitarra acústica
Andrés Álvarez teclats i baix
Germán Hernández bateria
Miguel Ramón tiple i guitarra elèctrica


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