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(f gose Hunger 1. desire and need to eat 2. appetite or craving for something ...) Formed in 2004, GOSEproposes a traditional sound of trikitixa (Basque diatonic accordion) combined with Electronic bases, punk ... all dressed and sweetened with an intoxicating voice and lyrics that leave nobody indifferent. The result is an explosive mix and a breath of fresh air within the music scene of the Basque nation. With four albums released, tours of Japan, presentations and concerts all over the country and a great many concerts behind them, GOSEis right now one of the most active groups in the Basque nation. 


name: GOSE
genre: Tecno, folk, punk...
Ines trikitixa i veu
Iñaki seqüències i ritme
Osoron guitarres i baix


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