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Maika Makovski will present many of the songs from her new album, Desaparecer, a work inspired by texts of Edgar Allan Poe as part of the play by the same name, directed by Calixto Bieito and performed by her and Juan Echanove. This time, Maika Makovski enters darker atmospheres with songs of a strange beauty that revolve around the idea of disappearing and the fear of facing reality. All this accompanied by the cavernous and primitive sound of her usual repertoire, and by the powerful and exuberant style that this group that arouses passions shows on stage. 


genre: Rock, pop
Maika Makovski veu, guitarra i orgue
David Martínez bateria i percussions
Juan Carlos Luque baix, veus i percussions
Oskar Benas guitarra i veus



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