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20 years have gone by since the emblematic group from Barcelona began to play, moved by the fever of the Jamaican rhythms and black music: ska, rocksteady, reggae and soul. Two decades, hundreds of concerts performed and tens of published records later, DR CALYPSO continues marking the Jamaican beat here at home: they were one of the precursor groups of the style in the iberian peninsula. During this year the group will tour with a show filled with its own classics and great versions of gems of the style: the get-together in the Plaça Major de Vic is obligatory for their life-long fans and for all the youth who, nowadays, continues to discover Jamaican music through this insignia vessel called DR CALYPSO!


genre: ska, reggae, soul

Sheriff: voice
Luismi: voice
Iñaki: bass
Damned: guitar
Maniac: guitar
Pablo: keyboards
Javi peña: drums
Raül: saxo
Xato: trombone
Jorgito: trumpet


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