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Omara Moctar, BOMBINO, was born in 1980 into a family of nomadic Tuareg herdsmen. When he was only twelve years old, his family took refuge in Tamanrasset (Algeria) to escape the hostilities of the outbreak of the first Tuareg rebellion. That same year he picked up his first guitar. His musical career began serving as a cook and troubadour, travelling with groups of tourists visiting the magnificent dunes of the Sahara Desert. In 2003 BOMBINO released his first album, Agamgam recorded in the dry bed of a river in the jungle of the Niger. In 2006 he travelled to California. There he was invited to record the song "Hey Negrita" with Keith Richards and Charlie Watts of the Rolling Stones. BOMBINO is the new generation of Tuaregs. Buy the tickets for this show by pressing here. 


genre: World Music
Omara 'Bombino' Moctar guitarra i veu
Mohamed Serge percussions
Ibrahim Emoud Atchinguil bateria
Kawissan Mohamed guitarra


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