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There is nothing more beautiful than to age in good health. This year Els Pets are twenty-five though no one would say so. Their latest album has received unanimous praise from the media and has figured in the lists of top selling albums in Spain for two long months. Els Pets have decided to go to Vic, where they want to share the 25 most famous songs of their career with their mass, unconditional audience. Their summer tour will be unique and unrepeatable, a comprehensive review in which the public will be able to enjoy a succession of songs that have accompanied them all these years, songs that have made their public laugh and touched them, dream and fall in love, sweat their t-shirts and forget their headaches. 


name: ELS PETS
genre: Pop-rock
Lluís Gavaldà veu i guitarra
Falin Càceres baix
Joan Reig bateria i veus
Joan Pau Chaves teclats i veus
David 'Gnaposs' Muñoz guitarra i veus   


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