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RAYDIBAUM was formed towards the end of 2000, when Dan Foz and Ricard Monné contacted Valen Nieto and Pep Rius. All four had been playing in different groups in Barcelona for years. After their two first pieces of work, Grided Elephant (Cydonia, 2004) and The Biggest Box (Aloud Music, 2005), at the beginning of 2008 they gathered a handful of new themes and decided to record them and this time they chose to do them in Catalan. The result is their latest record, Manual de gènere catastròfic (RGB Suports, 2008), produced by Ricky Falkner and made up of eleven pop-rock themes with surprising force, which take directly from the sources of the independent scene in Barcelona. In order to defend this new record live, RAYDIBAUM decided to incorporate Ramón Beltran into the project as keyboard player of the group, thus completing the current formation.


genre: rock, pop, indie

Valen Nieto guitarra i veu
Ricard Monné bateria
Pep Rius guitarra
Dan Foz baix
Ramón Beltran teclats


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