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PLOUEN, the group from Bages that started out in 2002, has already released an EP and two LPs (Es veu pluja des de dins el 2003, Plouen Catximbes in 2006 and Telescopi in 2008), all three on the Propaganda pel Fet! label. This year they are presenting their third LP, a personal and introspective work: experiences and earthly stories, without entering in local custom nor in the description of everyday life. PLOUEN have aside the oneiric world that showed in the lyrics of their first three pieces of work left. Musically, they present a much more unitary and compact record with a clear intention of making very intense and basic songs: guitar, bass, drum and synthesizer reach our brain directly in a single block.



name: PLOUEN
genre: Pop-rock

Albert Palomar veu i guitarra
Jordi Sánchez guitarra
Jordi Portabella baix
Oscar Castellà sintetitzador
Xevi Matamala bateria


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