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Al·lèrgiques al Pol·len


 AL·LÈRGIQUES AL POL·LEN débuted with the album De cero (self-published, 2020). Since then, they have experienced a meteoric rise on the Catalan music scene. With their third album, Cants, Crits, Baralles (Music Bus, 2023), they have thrilled audiences all over the country. Their music, a light-hearted but intense pop, is an explosion of energy that reflects the undisputed empowerment of this all-female band. After two tours, they have consolidated their position as an essential force on the music scene, with a projection that continues to grow and a musical character that is increasingly rock and roll.  


stage: Plaça dels Màrtirs
day: September 19th 2024
hour: 22:30
price: Free

name: Al·lèrgiques al Pol·len
genre: Pop-rock

Marina Rico: vocals

Joana Subirats: second vocals and guitar

Maria Riba: keyboard and vocals

Emma Dotres: guitar and vocals

Ona Salabert: bass and vocals

Berta Batiste: drums and pad


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