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  MUSHKA (Irma Farelo) was born in 2004, and has already become an important point of reference on the Catalan urban scene. Her first EP, Tas Loko, Mixtape (self-published, 2023), has reached 10,000,000 plays on Spotify. After the success of «El Disfraz», she released her second mixtape, Sexy Sensible (self-published, 2024), a mixture of different styles that certifies her versatility. In her favourite playlists we can find everything from Serrat or Estopa to Yung Beef or Kaydy Cain, which makes it clear that she is not closed-minded to anything while being faithful to what comes from inside her.    


stage: El Sucre Estrella Damm
day: September 20th 2024
hour: 01:30
price: Free

name: Mushka
genre: Urban music / reggaeton / dancehall / contemporary R&B / trap


Irma Farelo: vocals

Greta Farelo: vocals

Pau Ruz: DJ and guitar

Angel Gelabert: keyboards

Xavier Abellaneda: percussion

Anna Baxarias: dance

Gabriela Perez: dance




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