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La dona del sac

LA DONA DEL SAC is a project of family music and socio-cultural animation created by the Balsach twins, who are Bombo and Clap in the show. They present their own songs, adapting traditional songs to new sounds, with a full band and all the instruments. Games, theatre, music and poetry. This new show brings together the different «stars» on stage. They have their own songs full of values, their own unique versions full of intensity and the desire to have a good time. All this added to some free and creative game installations before and after the live show.    


stage: Carpa L'Atlàntida  (Limited capacity: 750 people)
day: September 21st 2024
hour: 12:00
price: Free

name: La dona del sac
genre: Familiar


Eloi Balsach: vocals and guitar

Marc Balsach: vocals and piano

Zúbel Arana: vocals and dancer

Pau Puig: percussion and drums

Cristina Guix: illustrator




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