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Sopa da Pedra

  SOPA DE PEDRA is a musical research group made up of 10 women. Through polyphonic arrangements of traditional Portuguese music performed a cappella, they explore the wealth of traditional legacy and place it in reference to the context of world music today. The repertoires include orally transmitted Mirandese songs from Tras-os-Montes, ballads from the Azores, and repertoires by Zeca Afonso, Amélia Muge and GAC, among others.    


stage: Teatre R. Montanyà - L'Atlàntida  (Limited capacity: 800 people)
day: September 19th 2024
hour: 22:45
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name: Sopa da Pedra
genre: A cappella folk


Benedita Vasquez: vocals

Inês Campos: vocals

Inês Loubet: vocals

Inês Melo: vocals

Maria Vasquez: vocals

Mariana Gil Cuña: vocals, adufo (Portuguese tambourine) and bombo

Rita Campos Costa: vocals

Rita Sá: vocals, adufo, bombo, shruti box, tambourine and whirly tube

Sara Yasmine: vocals, adufo, bombo with drumsticks and cavaquinho

Teresa Campos: vocals, adufo, square tambourine and bombo




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