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Papa Orbe y Los Científicos del Sabor

  PAPA ORBE Y LOS CIENTÍFICOS DEL SABOR present us with Sabor y Medio (Rocafort Records, 2022), a selection of their own compositions with an explosive mix of Cuban sound, Afro-Cuban jazz and boogaloo. Their live performance, powerful and charged with emotions and a lot of sabrosura, always catches the audience's complicity, both listening and dancing.    


stage: Carpa L'Atlàntida  (Limited capacity: 750 people)
day: September 18th 2024
hour: 23:45
price: Free

name: Papa Orbe y Los Científicos del Sabor
genre: Cuban sound / Latin jazz / boogaloo


Papa' Orbe Ortiz: vocals and Cuban tres

Lenin ‘Güiroloco’ Jiménez: bongo and vocals

Santiago Acevedo: baby bass

Miguel Ramón: guitar and vocals

Yoan Sánchez: timbal and vocals

Rangel García Palacios: conga and vocals

Josep Blanes: trombone

David Jácome: saxophone, transverse flute and vocals




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