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One of the revelations of recent years. This is how many define FANEKA's project, although this would only be on the surface. The group formed by Inés de Lis, Bruna González, Anika and Alán Denis has managed to create the perfect symbiosis between Latin American folklore and progressive rock, with incursions into American folk and Iberian folklore. Altogether, they generate a raw and, at the same time, magical sound.


stage: Sala 3 J.Anglada - L'Atlàntida
day: September 18th 2024
hour: 18:00
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name: Faneka
genre: Folk


Inés de Lis: vocals and guitar

Anika: vocals, violin, charango, pandero and tambourine

Bruna González: vocals, violoncello, piano and charango

Alán Denis: percussion





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