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Aaron Rux & the Crying Cowboys

Two years after releasing his début album, AARON RUX joined forces with THE CRYING COWBOYS, nomadic crooners who make the drunkenness and hangovers of love ride in the midst of a desert landscape, to release the album Crying Cowboys (El Volcán Música, 2019), a reflection on love and loneliness beneath a hostile sun in a desert replete with memories. At the MMVV they will be presenting a new album, Albí Rhino.


stage: Auditori J. Maideu - L'Atlàntida  (Limited capacity: 300 people)
day: September 19th 2024
hour: 23:30
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name: Aaron Rux & the Crying Cowboys
genre: Soul / Soft-rock / Folk

Aaron Rux: guitar, keyboards and vocals

Joshua Taylor – bass and vocals

Juan Torán: guitar

Juan Serra: percussion and vocals

Lete Moreno: drums


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