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Triana y Luca

Conveying an intimate, honest, and delicate sound, TRIANA Y LUCA interweave Ibero-American folklore with contemporary influences. Their melodies oscillate between popular music, improvisation and poetry. Sharing eclectic and diasporic roots, their project is rooted in the desire to reconnect with their cultural roots and traditions, which they feel are distant and unexplored. Compositions full of stories, poems and dreams. Fragmentos del Olvido (self-published) is their first EP.  


stage: Sala 3 J.Anglada - L'Atlàntida
day: September 15th 2023
hour: 23:00

name: Triana y Luca
genre: Folk

Triana Segovia: vocals

Luca Vaillancourt : vocals and guitar




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