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"Batec" de la Cia. Calajo

With the arrival of an urn in their home, four women will have to live together in the kitchen of the same house. The youngest does not inform the others of her decision to keep the object among the cinnamon and garlic powder. These women will gradually discover its presence and we will be able to observe the bond they have with each other and with the urn itself. At the same time, the hubbub of the kitchen will make them throb with the issues that will go appearing. The coexistence between them, the loneliness inside a kitchen, the behaviour we inherit, what we let go, what we want to recover, the root, tradition, will all drive this story of four women: great-grandmother, grandmother, mother and daughter or ABC and D.   'Best musical project RIIING!!! Tournament / El Terrat / Festival Grec


name: "Batec" de la Cia. Calajo

Gracia Fernández: actress

Candela Díaz Sanz: actress

Antonio Zarco: guitar


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