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The Gramophone Allstars Big Band

With Ska-Jazz always their trade mark, the Gramophone Allstars metamorphosed into a big band with their acclaimed Jazzmaica (Bankrobber, 2014), which they even released in Japan. With Maraca Soul (Bankrobber, 2017), the group widened their rhythmic range to other Caribbean sounds like boogaloo or calypso, keeping the flame alive with three short albums: The Reel Influence (Bankrobber, 2019), the single Let's Get It on (Bankrobber, 2020), a cover version of Marvin Gaye, and the homage to the Skatalites, Love Letter (Bankrobber, 2021). In the autumn of 2023, they will return to the charge with their third album in a big band format, in which their own songs gain more importance.    


name: The Gramophone Allstars Big Band
genre: Ska-jazz

Genís Bou: tenor sax and musical direction

Lluc Casares: alto sax

Pau Vidal: tenor sax

Pere Miró: baritone sax

Pep Garau: trumpet

Andres Tosti: trumpet

Pep Tarradas: trumpet

Albert Costa: trombone

Cider Palmada: trombone

Adrià Plana: guitar

Eloi Escudé: keyboards

Tito Bonacera: bass

Xoan Sánchez: percussion

Aleix Bou: drums

Kathy Sey: voice

Yolanda Sey: voice


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