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Alessio Arena & Suonno D'Ajere

The Italo-Catalan ALESSIO ARENA and the Neapolitan trio SUONNO D'AJERE set the sonnets written by Garcilaso de la Vega, and they even do a cover version in Neapolitan, the language that entertained the Court and the City of Naples. The concert is accompanied by an audio and video installation featuring people reciting Neapolitan versions of the poet's poems in the street. Lasso is a fascinating journey in time, through the historical connections between Italy and Spain, through poetry that changes its skin and music over the centuries, and finally, through a city, Naples, that has a thousand faces.   FABRA I COATS and MMVV coproduction


stage: Auditori J. Maideu - L'Atlàntida  (Limited capacity: 300 people)
day: September 14th 2023
hour: 20:45
price: 4€

name: Alessio Arena & Suonno D'Ajere
genre: Song

 Alessio Arena: vocals

Irene Scarpato: vocals

Marcello Smigliante Gentile: Mandolin, Mandoloncello

Gian Marco Libeccio: guitar



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