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The Galician singer-songwriter and producer SÉS has her own well-defined personal style, the result of a mixture combining exact doses of ingredients to achieve an original and genuine result: rock-and-roll, oral tradition and a certain Latin American singer-songwriter cadence. A mixture in which a brave, forceful and necessary discourse finds its place.  


stage: Auditori J. Maideu - L'Atlàntida  (Limited capacity: 300 people)
day: September 14th 2023
hour: 23:30
price: 4€

name: SÉS
genre: Singer-songwriter song, rock, folk

 María Xosé Silvar, Sés: vocals, guitar and percussion

Tito Calviño: vocals and guitar

Cid Xabier: drums

Efrén Novoa: double bass

Sabela Galbán: vocals, accordion, bagpipes, flute, percussion (tambourine, castanets)

Pedro Mayfer: percussion

Rebeca Rama: vocals and percussion



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