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Paula Valls

Paula Valls' third record project, Començar de nou (T-Sunami Merch, 2023), is her first in Catalan. Absent from the stage for a while, with this work she celebrates imperfections and denounces a society that is never allowed to fail. A portrait of PAULA today, neither more confident nor more definitive, simply calmer. The artist released her début album, Black and White (RGB Suports, 2016), with songs in English and strong American influences. Two years later, she released I Am (Satélite K, 2018), an album that explores Soul, Jazz, Blues and the purest of folk.   MMVV coproduction


name: Paula Valls
genre: Pop

 Paula Valls: vocals

Guillem Callejón: guitar and synthesizers

Miquel Sospedra: bass and synthesizers

April Saurí: drums


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