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 KALATA is a neofolk band from Skopje (Macedonia) that makes a parallelism between oriental and occidental culture with the accent on traditional Macedonian music. Freed from their frontiers, the musicians confide in their feelings and their inspiration and they are free to play whatever their imagination creates, as long as it represents their native sound with some groovy rhythms. KALATA are part of Most Music, a programme for music export giving support to music artists and bands from the region of the Balkans. Transition (self-published, 2023) is their new record.  


name: Kalata
genre: Neo folk

 Minela Bogdanovi?: vocals

Simeon Angelovski-Sholle: double bass and vocals

Damjan Grujo: drums

Aleksandar Boshkov: guitar

Dina Jashari: vocals

Hristijan Risteski: saxophone and flute

Jovan Cvetkovic: piano and keyboards 



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