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GINESTÀ is one of the most unique and inspired young Catalan pop groups. In just under five years -and a pandemic-, the group, made up of Júlia and Pau Serrasolsas, guitarist Andrea Puig and drummer and producer Xicu, has made hits that are already part of the Catalan popular songbook, such as "Estimar-te com la terra" and "L'Eva i la Jana". In autumn, Ginestà will conclude a very long tour to record what will be their long-awaited fourth album.  


stage: Plaça Major Vera
day: September 16th 2023
hour: 21:45
price: Free

name: Ginestà
genre: Pop

Júlia Serrasolsas: vocals

Pau Serrasolsas: vocals and guitar

Andrea Puig: electric guitar

Cesc Valverde: drums and drums


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