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Eva Fernández

 ¿Cómo llamar a esto? (Microscopi, 2023) is the new album by the Barcelona saxophonist and singer EVA FERNÁNDEZ, with which she reaffirms her commitment to creativity by composing all the songs on it and making her début as a lyricist. Often inspired by the idea of trying to send a message to the child she was, she writes simply and visually about everything she thinks she is learning about love and heartbreak, haste and patience, honesty and lies... Musical styles like Jazz, singer-songwriter song or Bolero coexist in the songs, all with great influence on the sound imaginary of the artist.  


stage: Auditori J. Maideu - L'Atlàntida  (Limited capacity: 300 people)
day: September 13th 2023
hour: 22:30
price: 4€

name: Eva Fernández
genre: Jazz

Eva Fernández: saxophone and vocals

Josep Munar: guitar

Kevin Díaz: piano

Roger Pi: piano

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