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Clara Peya

 CLARA PEYA, one of the most prolific and transgressive pianists and composers on the Spanish music scene, flees clichés and, above all, believes in the power of art as a tool for social transformation. Her new work, Corsé , revolves around the violence of perfection. Committed songs for which she has selected different singers. The vocals of Silvia Pérez Cruz, Salvador Sobral, Albert Pla, Ferran Palau and Leo Rizzi, among others, accompanied by the piano of Clara Peya combined with synthesizers and electronic bases, make up a unique atmosphere, where every little detail is as intense as it is essential.  


name: Clara Peya
genre: Pop

Clara Peya: piano and modular synthesizers

Aina Zanoguera: vocals

Carmen Aciar: vocals

Adri González: keyboards and synthesizers

Didak Fernández: drums and percussion


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