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Boom Boom Fighters & COOKAH P

BOOM BOOM FIGHTERS & COOKAH P is a project born in 2021 between Mataró and Girona and formed by Oriol Pujades, Alias Cookah P, Joan Fité and Tomàs Sánchez. The band has established itself on the Catalan music scene thanks to an innovative proposal in just over a year. Its unique, fresh and light-hearted essence combines the reggae roots of the 1980s and the dancehall of the 1990s.   ACCELERADORA MMVV - CASES DE LA MÚSICA Project


name: Boom Boom Fighters & COOKAH P
genre: Reggae, dancehall

 Cookah P: vocals

Joan Fité: guitar

Tomàs Sánchez: Saxophone

Roger Carreras: drums

Manel Agustí: Bass

Alex García: Vocals



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