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Balkan Paradise Orchestra

The Balkan Paradise Orchestra premières Catarsis. Their new show symbolizes the moment of emotional liberation through the music, movement and festivity that the BPO transmits during their concerts. The energy shared between the band and the public makes this catharsis possible. A unique show, packed with power, and a choreographic staging that fuses with its original musical proposal to perfection. Catarsis includes both their own themes and some versions with very diverse sound influences. After premièring the concert in New York, the BPO will travel from Barcelona to numerous cities on the Iberian Peninsula, Europe, America and Asia in what will be their most international tour.  


stage: El Sucre Estrella Damm
day: September 15th 2023
hour: 24:00
price: Free

name: Balkan Paradise Orchestra
genre: Balkan rhythms, Mediterranean rhythms, instrumental, ball music

 Alba Ramírez Freixes: horn

Berta Garcia Gala: Trumpet

Eli Fábregas: Percussion

Eva Garin: Clarinet

Laura Lacueva Márquez: Clarinet

Maria Cofan Esteba: Trombone

Maria Puertas Malagarriga: Tuba

Milagros González Castro: Trumpet

Núria Perich Chastang: Percussion

Olivia Casas Buendia: Tuba


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